"If you love Me, obey Me."

I think I may have given some of you the wrong impression. I talk about my sweet little house, my wonderful husband, my healthy pets, and how most days I am fairly happy. What I haven’t said is that these things didn’t just spring on me out of nowhere.

I have wanted to be married since I was two. I made a crappy job of it once, then didn’t get really married until I was 52 years old after years and years of earnest prayer for God’s best.

From the time my sister died in 1997 until today, I have given and/or tithed the entire time. When my husband started going to church, he tried to give $10.00, even with all the financial strain he had. Now, he has been tithing for years too.

Our house was left to me by my parents. That’s right: it didn’t cost me any money, just my parents’ lives. We have worked very hard to make this tiny place decent and Jim has put in many hours making it more comfortable.

The pets who live with us do not belong to us—they belong to God. We treat them as if they are not ours. We pray for them and bless them.

I am happier physically than I’ve ever been because I completely changed my way of eating. I am on a very low carbohydrate diet. I don’t always stick to it faithfully because I love sugar, but almost all my symptoms of inflammation, allergies, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, and impulsivity are gone—without drugs or surgery.

So these blessings are not happenstance. They are the result of doing the next right thing. The blessings are not unique to me—they are possible for everyone.