Steps toward Acceptance

  1. Realize all humans, even you, need help.

  2. Ask God for help.

  3. Thank God for the help, no matter how it comes.

    I have ways I think things should be done to be fastest and most efficient. However, help often comes to me looking disorganized, which upsets my finely-tuned (read: fussy) brain.

    My husband has recently taken over the afternoon feeding of the animals. This is very sweet of him because he is so tired. However, he has no idea how the plates should be used. There are Melmac plates (both square and concave), round china dessert plates and saucers, clunky ceramic plates, and fairly nice little Corelle saucers. One cat must be fed in a bowl.

    In my perfect world, all the plates used in one setting should be inform in shape and material. First, the square Melmac, then the concave. If the Melmac is all dirty, then we go to china. The china is easily broken, but cannot be used in the microwave anyway (they are decorated with silver); therefore, the faster they “die”, the better. The ceramic plates are probably too large for the dishwasher top shelf, as are the Corelle plates, so they are last resorts.

    Jim does not have a clue. He has one thought when it comes to cat food plates: too small for my dinner. So he willy-nilly picks up any old plate and uses it. Yes! Like a juvenile delinquent cat feeder.

    I used to freak out mentally when I saw this. But God has taught me to take a deep breath, note that it doesn’t matter to the cats, and say “Thank You” for His gracious Jim-shaped help.