What can you do?

I don't usually post like this, but something's got me annoyed.

My husband's lost a lot of weight on a high-fat-low-carb diet.  He looks and feels better than he has in years.  Plus, he's losing weight in places where he has never been able to lose before, and it's almost effortless.  Like most Americans, Jim was raised with potatoes and bread as staples in his house.  These were two of our staples in my house, as was corn, plus corn, plus corn.  I am a corn fiend.

I feel better than I have in years, though I haven't lost as much weight as my husband.  I am also losing weight in the hard-to-lose areas.  My hair is getting thicker, stronger, and is turning back to blonde due to the higher protein intake.  My youth is being renewed as the eagle's!  Praise God!

The Bible says, "I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13, World English Bible).  So, if you are a true believer, what can you do through Christ?  All things.  (Obviously, this would be assuming they are God's will for you.)

There is a lady I know who is practically circular.  She claims that she wants to lose weight.  She also claims to be a Christian.  However, she told me that she "can't live without bread and potatoes."  Okay, which is it, believer or non-believer?

Once again, the Bible does not say, ...all things, except give up foods that are making you fatter.  The Bible says "all things."  The anointing of Messiah/Christ makes it possible, but does not make it easy.  How badly do we want to be available and in health to do God's will?

It is noteworthy that people are not born eating potatoes, corn, or grains.  They are born drinking milk, not grains.  Corn and other grains are for fattening animals for slaughter.  So what do they do to our bodies?

Am I a believer or a doubter? What can I do through the Anointed One and His anointing? All things. What can you do?