The type of brain a creature uses dominates its reactions to everything in its world. Lizards run on a fight, flight or freeze brain. Non-human mammals run on a mammal brain that focuses on comfort or discomfort. Dutch, my big marmalade tomcat, doesn't curl up in my arms because he loves me--he curls up with me because I comfort him. 

Why does our dog, Sammy, flake out during a storm? Because he is a mammal who is uncomfortable and he doesn't know or understand the logical phrase "This too shall pass." I am not as afraid of storms as I used to be because I have 59 years on this earth, which creates a huge history of "This too shall pass." Was I as afraid as Sammy is when I was his age? Maybe, and I’m capable of logical thought.

Humans are supposed to run on a logical brain. I am still running on a mammal brain about some things. Abstinence and self-discipline are not comfortable, so I buck--like a little bronco--whenever I need to exclude habits or activities for the Kingdom's sake. 

Instead, I need to:
1. Trust God, Who is my Most Excellent Father. He will let me know what is best for me.
2. Act in Faith by conforming my actions to what God has revealed or is revealing to me.
3. Use my logical brain and get a firm grip on the phrase "This too shall pass."

Resisting the urges to do, say, or act on thoughts which are contrary to God's best for me will not kill me.  It's like a bush or tree being pruned. When I resist carnal urges, it makes me stronger spiritually and much more capable of accomplishing what God needs me to accomplish for the rest of my life.