Many people have trouble with a substance.  That is: alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, pain pills.  My substance is sugar.  I and some of these people simply don't have the same reactions to the substance that the majority of people have.  For me, sugar is a "downer."  It relaxes me, at least, to my conscious mind it does.  

My friend and I were talking today about alcohol and sugar.  He said that if he drinks alcohol again, it won't do in his system what the nasty little voice in his mind tells him it will do.  He knows this.  But the really important thing is that it never did do anything good in his system. 

The whole deception is that some of us think a substance will do a certain thing for us that it never does.  But we keep submitting to it, hoping that it will deliver on the promise of the nasty little voice.  But it never did and it never will.  It is all "smoke and mirrors."

Remember that the Bible says that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was the most beautiful of all God's creatures?  So when Eve saw it, she was probably wowed.  This is why she wasn't afraid to speak to it and gave credence to what it was saying.  We can't imagine talking to a creepy snake.  I know that if I were walking through a pleasant garden and tripped over some random snake, I wouldn't think, "I wonder if he's a great conversationalist?"  I would scream, "Snake!" and probably hack him to death before I even found out that he was a talking snake.  Why?  Because the serpent became death to Eve, Adam, and all their children.  We have learned, and it seems like second nature to us, that a snake is a death symbol, not a symbol of beauty.  

This morning I told my friend that, whenever I see some sort of sweet dessert, instead of thinking it's beautiful, wonderful, desirable, etc., I should think, "Snake!" It is death to me. I suspect that sugar or some other substance may mean death to some of you too. Don't fall for the deception in the nasty little voice in your head. The substance that has or has had a stranglehold on you is not desirable, it is death.