Why Overeat?

(Excerpt from vacation conversation while traveling in the area where dinosaur footprints have been discovered.)

     "Go back!"


     "I saw a big bone, like a dinosaur bone!"

     "Why would a dinosaur bone be here in the middle of nowhere?"

     "Please go back."

     Why do I overeat only certain foods--pecans and other nuts, butter, sugar, ice cream, other crunchy things?  Is it because these things are more expensive and were reserved for party or holiday foods when I was a child?  What do I feel when I eat these things: happy (because it is a holiday or party)?, content (because the foods remind me of happy times with my family)?, safe (with my parents or sibs again and they are taking the responsibility), and/or full (like when a baby is full)?  Do the sight, smell, taste, sound, or feel of these foods cause these feelings?  Do I choose to overeat certain foods as a form of sensual pleasure?

     What if I allowed myself to be stimulated sensually by some other things that would remind me of home and my very happy childhood?  These things would include: 50s and 60s rock music, post-war WWII music, older television shows, piano playing, rides in the country, sunbathing, horse-back riding, sewing, and reading.  These could be some untried activities that would create new happy memories: playing the dulcimer, badminton, or volleyball.  What could some other new activities include?  Enjoying unexpected and/or unusual God- or man-made curiosities?

     It is wrong to dwell in the past or to dread the future, but it is not wrong to be sensually stimulated and have or create memories from wholesome activities.  This is living life to the fullest.

So, turn around, go back, find the dinosaur bone and appreciate it.

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