Fourth Day of Fast

Update: weight-225.8, fasting blood glucose-193 (In the 100s!)

I was hungry most of yesterday. I resisted eating because I have to get my insulin down. As you can see, not eating for three whole days has not produced a satisfactory fasting blood glucose level. The only possible conclusion is that my cells are very insulin resistant. I keep working towards good health.

I said good-bye to the last of the bacon on Wednesday. I do not have anything left in my bowels and they are probably very happy about that. No stress for them. No stress for my pancreas. Very little stress for my tongue and stomach.

In fact, I did the Stress tracker on Samsung Health just a few moments ago. This is a handy little tool that measures stress level, pulse rate, and oxygen percentage in the bloodstream. My stress level is usually in the red to red-orange area (High) with occasional dips into yellow-green. Today, for the first time ever, it is Low stress and in the turquoise area. My mood was not angry, sad, happy, in love, etc. My mood is neutral. None of you have ever had words with me when my stress was low. This is a completely new feeling for me.

I don’t think this low stress is simply because I’m on vacation. Vacation is usually more stressful for me because I’m not in my routine. Also, I spent over an hour last night getting a skein of yarn untangled while 1-2 cats were constantly on the love seat with me. Ever seen how a cat reacts to yarn? This is stressful for the yarner.

Got you a pic of Clean Bunny; still no makeup. Makeup is hot and, weirdly, I am hot.