Third Day of Fast

Update: weight is 227.6. Fasting Blood Glucose: 219

Fasting Blood Glucose under my weight!! But still way too high :(

Last night, I had a difficult time sleeping for the first time. That might be because of the 2.5 hour nap I took in the afternoon, which is a huge nap for me. My chest hurt last night, and I began to worry about not having potassium (not sure which came first—the worry or the chest pain). I have inflammation in my cartilage between my ribs, right by my heart, so when I have pain there it could be 1) inflammation, 2) gas, or 3) heart attack. Good times.

Anyway, had to get up because of headache and get some caffeine. Read some posts from other fasters and they were fine with no potassium supplements. Hmmmm…I’ll continue to take my 1-2 multivitamins every day and see what happens. I’m so afraid of the awful thigh cramps I got from Janumet which is also possible with low potassium. So far, I haven’t taken any allergy or pain pills for anything. My legs feel better today and my pain is still leaving my body (joint pain and hunger pangs).

Was going to put on makeup for today’s pic, but what the heck. You get the facial gym-mode view. I have been on the stationary bike for 30 minutes every day of this fast.