Second Day of Fast

Today, I weighed 229! Yes! This is what I weighed when I started Victory BABES in 2005. The result of that contest was a 49-pound loss for me and a Crown. I would never do that diet now because there is too much eating (releasing more insulin) and far too many carbs (releasing more insulin).

My blood sugar was only down to 246 this morning. I think it’s significant that I haven’t eaten anything since Sunday around 4:00 pm and there are still crazy high glucose amounts in my system. It is definitely an indicator of insulin resistance.

Very early this year, before I started low carb-high fat eating at all, I tried to wear a size 22 WP pair of jeans (WP is Women’s Petite). They were so tight that I couldn’t zip them at all. My big, strong husband had to zip them up with pliers. I wore those jeans to church on 9-16-18 with no problem at all. I now have my sights set on two pairs of jeans—both size 20 WP. I tried them on Sunday and they come up but the material on either side of the waist by the button barely touches. These were the jeans I was wearing when Jim and I first kissed on December 25, 2009. I don’t think Jim has seen me in a size 18 (!!!) yet.

The coolest thing: my temperament has gotten very calm. I don’t feel frustrated or upset with the animals and their pokey ways. (This may be temporary.) Besides, I still get frustrated with people. But that’s decreasing too.