Fasting for Health

I am beginning a fast! I didn’t plan it this way, but this week is the perfect time because I am away from work, thus away from the well-meaning(?) souls who bring massive carbs to work.

(Important Note: Neither Dr. Berg nor any other person is to be held responsible for my personal decisions! Nor have I attempted to quote these professionals seamlessly.)

I’ve been watching videos from Dr. Berg and other proponents of high fat/low carb/moderate protein lifestyle diets. I am a diabetic who is probably also insulin resistant. What?! This means that the more glucose there was in my blood (mucho +), the more insulin my pancreas secreted.

Over time, my cells have gotten very suspicious of this powerful hormone trying to get in the cells and banging on their cell walls. They seem to think, “You just want our glorious booty: vitamins, minerals, salt, etc.” It’s true that the insulin wants the booty, but it also wants to let the cells receive the extra glucose for energy. But the stubborn cells have decided to resist the insulin. Therefore, the extra glucose floats around aimlessly in my bloodstream, making my blood glucose level soar. But because of the insulin resistance, now there is also a boatload of insulin hanging around in my bloodstream as well.

I can picture an insulin molecule holding hands with a glucose molecule, floating around saying encouraging lovey, dovey things to each other until someone gives them a marriage license so that they can get married. Then the insulin molecule can carry the glucose molecule over the threshold of the cell wall. Until this happens, the extra glucose and insulin, because of their unrequited love, wreck havoc on all my tissues.

If these shadows remain unchanged, ultimately, the pancreas will become worn out with making insulin, the liver will become very fatty, and I will die of some complication of diabetes—probably very painfully. Already, I can feel the side effects of high blood glucose: sharp pains in my fingertips, sores that do not heal, diminished eyesight, overabundance of visceral fat, numb feet, always tired, severe inflammation in joints, emotional instability, and depression.

There is a two-fold cure for this awful physical state: 1) reverse insulin resistance to create a state of insulin sensitivity (the cells welcome the insulin in with its glucose bride) and 2) change lifestyle habits to keep a consistently low glucose level in the bloodstream. A person can do several things to increase insulin sensitivity: get more quality sleep; reduce stress (let God have my cares); get more aerobic exercise; eat/drink less items that promote insulin resistance (whey protein, non-fat protein, artificial sweeteners); and eat/drink more items that promote insulin sensitivity (low carb/high fat diet, intermittent fasting, or water-only fasting.

I feel that my condition is extreme and feel that God wants me to do something extreme in response. I’m going to get my body into ketosis, then fast (water, plain coffee or tea, and multi-vitamin only) until hunger returns. Since my body will be in ketosis (fat burning instead of carbohydrate burning), she is primed for burning my own considerable amount of stored fat.

I only made this decision this morning. I had to get into ketosis first, so it was perfect that today was bacon-cooking day. I have cooked seven and one-half pounds of bacon today. Bacon is the nearly-perfect keto food, having almost ideal percentages of fat, protein, and carbs. I have Binge Eating Disorder, so it’s no problem to binge on bacon, which I always do, and that throws me into ketosis (until I start cheating again by eating a lot of sugar). Since today began ketosis, I can start my fast tomorrow.

Please follow me on this journey! I will try to post every day, beginning today. I will end the fast when hunger returns (after the initial two to three days of hunger).