Please notice the pic. This is what a diabetic looks like at 58. Very pale with weird red splotches. Sores that will not heal. A once-pretty face ravaged by diabetes symptoms and total disrespect for herself. Scared I will not outlive my cat. Take a good look. If you're a lady and keep eating high-sugar or high-carb foods, this could be you.

Finally got chocolate chip cookies today. I couldn't resist them anymore and had 12. Yes, a dozen with coffee and they were delicious. At least, the first 3 were; I didn't really taste the other 9 because I was feeling so bad about myself.

I took some diabetes medication that I had left over and didn't feel too bad. I decided that I could probably have more cookies and still be okay. I didn't though because I can sometimes recognize that lie before I submit myself to it. My blood glucose is okay now. But I have a splitting headache. I'm very tired and disappointed with myself.

I'm so tired of trying to resist this stuff all the time. It's really difficult when it's in my face. I'm wondering: if I show people some appreciable progress, maybe they will change some attitudes about eating very unhealthy snacks.

Mine is the only attitude I can change. Thank goodness I can change my attitude.