Enjoy Each Facet

"God’s personality is like a huge Diamond with billions of facets.  Each person ever conceived has a portion of God’s personality in him or her; each representing a facet of God’s brilliance.  We were created to be like tiny Gods walking around expressing Love back to God and to each other" (Melonda Gruntmeir, February 2, 2013).

The above is an excerpt from an old college assignment regarding my personal world view. (Christian colleges and universities have you do stuff like this. And, they let you use God's name if it's in a respectful manner.)

The pic is Mother's engagement ring from 1945, which I am now wearing. Although the diamond is tiny, she does have beautiful shiny facets and, truly, her own sweet personality.

Sometimes, we think we know someone when suddenly they seem to turn and show us another side--a different facet of their character. For a moment, we think we didn't know that person, and it can throw us off balance a little or a lot. Just as the individuals in a marriage have facets, like God, the marriage itself is a living thing and it has facets, too. We get used to seeing our marriage from a particular angle, and if we see it from a different angle, it can be a bit confusing at first.

Today, I had a marital crisis. I get used to the same old beautiful marriage over the course of about every six months (it's never the same, but usually changes only slightly). I have been seeing a different facet of my marriage this week and I didn't like it at first. So, I thought the marriage was changing into something I wouldn't like. In fact, this facet of the marriage has been there all along, but the light has been recently turned on it, so it is now shining. It's actually a more beautiful angle than the ones I am used to. But it has taken a while to accept and will probably take a while longer to embrace. (Change is good, change is good...)

When I allow God to shed His light on me, different facets of me shine. If there is a smudgy spot, thank goodness I spotted it! That way, I can let God clean it for me so it shines as brightly as the other facets. 

When I allow God to shed more and more of His light on my marriage, different facets show up there too. Jim and I can then (hopefully) cooperate with God to allow Him to chisel out any rough spots and shine any smudges.

I expect that in 40 or 50 years, our marriage will shine brilliantly, and will hardly be recognizable compared to its original self.