Can I Imagine?

Last week, my husband and I rented the movie “I Can Only Imagine.” I had heard it was awesome, but also that the character’s parents weren’t necessarily “sterling.” My parents were flawed solid gold, so I thought the movie wouldn’t have anything to offer me. I resisted my husband’s idea to watch the movie for a few minutes. I was so wrong.

Although we all have varied problems and particular hang-ups, the root causes of these problems are the same: greed, resentment, lost hope, pain, and ultimately, always, Fear in some form. Do I have fears? Yes. Therefore, any book, movie, blog, or other story where fear is encountered and overcome with God’s help is going to benefit me at some level.

One Christmas, my husband and I gave “Battlefield of the Mind” to someone. This is a book written by Joyce Meyer, whose name was unfamiliar to this person (?!). Jim and I quickly explained that Mrs. Meyer had overcome a rough childhood and has some great, practical advice for walking a Christian path. When this person heard us, she got this dismissive look on her face, like, “Well, my parents were awesome, so this person has nothing to tell me.” Really? Joyce Meyer? I have heard so many of her tapes, CDs and video messages that have helped me immensely. My parents did not abuse me, except maybe they didn’t discipline me as strictly as I needed. Yet, the root causes of problems, hurts, and fears are universal.

Sometimes, people see needs in me that I am unable to see myself. Maybe they don’t know how to express what they see, or maybe they’re afraid of offending me, so they give me a book or suggest a video. These are people God has put in my life to help me, so I need to listen to their opinions. I can’t fall into the trap of thinking I know what something says before I read it. This is a great old ploy of the devil and it feeds ignorance.

So, wherever you are, if you even read my blog at all, read the Joyce Meyer book! And all other Christians, watch the movie “I Can Only Imagine” if you get the chance. It is incredibly awesome and helped me over some hurdles. In the meantime, I think I’ll crack open the Joyce Meyer book I got as a gift several years ago, “Beauty for Ashes.” The lady who gave it to me gave it in love and she believes it will help me. Can I imagine a better tomorrow than today?