Adult Fun

Yesterday, I went to a park party, the brain child of us game group ladies, including husbands and friends. Our hostess, Farren*, did a wonderful job.

The temperature was over 100°, but we had a shelter. At the very beginning, Farren* passed out water guns. Of course, I got the biggest one I could find (short people who are poor shots must compensate!). Then, while her husband cooked burgers, she showed us a very interesting game where one tries to throw a string with a ball on each end over some rungs. They also had horseshoes set up and I tried this out. Too heavy for this wimp!

We prayed then ate: burgers with fixin’s, pasta salad, corn salad, potato salad, brownies and homemade ice cream. Then Farren* told us we could go on her trip to Pampa* if she liked what we were going to bring. She didn’t tell us, but what we were bringing had to fall under certain criteria or we couldn’t go. Thank goodness I was last because I finally understood by then. Jim and his mother didn’t get it in time and they can’t go. Ha!!!

In the meantime, I was attacked by numerous squirters. I almost didn’t deserve it. One person actually got upset with getting wet. Really? In 100° heat? We were randomly put on teams of Cats or Dogs (I was a Dog, a Newfoundland Hound, to be exact) and forced to have a fill-your-team’s-bowl water race. Then we were forced to have more fun in a cup-squirting race face-to-face against the Cats. We then had to fill up big cups with tiny sponges. Every time, the Cats claimed to have won…typical. I and my cohort, Hairy* (who is almost 10 in Dog years), held up our end of the team. We barked and splashed to the max, while most of the other Dogs just sat around with their tongues hanging out.

We never did play any “adult” games, like Rummy, Scrabble, or Guessures. But this lady had a lot of fun. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, and am at least one hundred pounds overweight, but I felt (and acted) like a carefree kid. I was so disappointed by some people who went home really early. Then, when we finally got home, I hurt all night.

It was well worth it! I’m not a bit sore today, my complexion is radiant, and I’m still barking and splashing somewhere inside of me. Thank God for excellent friends!

*Name changed to avoid shaming the family of the guilty.