How are you losing weight?

When people ask how I am losing weight, I always refer them to my website. Why? Because there are different reasons different people are overweight. I practiced Gluttony. Gluttony is not a mental nor physical disorder, although it can cause problems in both areas. Gluttony is a sin; therefore, it is a spiritual disorder. Spiritual disorders can be temporarily improved by mindfulness practices, cognitive-behavioral therapies, solution-focused therapies, exercise, yoga, diet, hypnosis, etc., but there is no permanent non-spiritual solution to a spiritual problem.

Gluttony is the root cause of my tendency to overeat. All sins are based in Pride—an over-exaggerated sense of self (or misbalanced Ego). Gluttony says, “I’m not sure I can trust God to provide my needs. I can’t even see Him; Who is He to care for me? I’ll get what I need myself so that I don’t have to be dependent upon anyone, including this so-called God.” No matter how much I claim to love God, if I practice Gluttony, I’m not really trusting God (walking in faith). It has never occurred to Gluttony that it cannot live at all without air and who supplies oxygen (or the process of creating it) if not God? Gluttony has trust issues—pure and simple.

If the problem of Gluttony were simply a mental obsession, we could probably get the “good” part of our minds strong enough to fight the “bad” part. But since Gluttony is a sin, which requires a spiritual solution to wrest power from it, only God can provide the solution. Spiritual solutions involve three parties: God, me, and satan. A long time ago, satan created the stronghold of Gluttony in my life. In order to take down the stronghold, I cannot fight satan alone; I am just not strong enough. I can only conquer a satanic stronghold like Gluttony with a very strong spiritual Ally, namely: Jesus Christ. I just have to give Jesus my permission for the spiritual battle to take place. Jesus will fight satan, and I will cooperate with Jesus. I do not believe anyone can conquer any satanic stronghold without a firm faith is Jesus Christ as God’s Anointed Messiah. If you believe you can conquer a spiritual stronghold without Jesus, you are reading the wrong author.

It is important to realize that once Gluttony had gotten a strong place in my spirit, it crippled my thinking (creating an obsession) and, since my decisions were out of kilter, they misbalanced my physical processes. Every facet of my being—spirit, mind, and body—must be addressed every day because I am constantly changing, forgetting, having new circumstances to deal with, and meeting new people. So, each facet of Gluttony “recovery”: spiritual, mental, and physical, must be applied every day, almost every minute. This is a supernatural cycle that only God can orchestrate effectively. Remember: God is the Conductor, I’m just a member of the Orchestra.

It’s kind of like putting on pantyhose. You can’t simply pull them straight up—they’re not socks. You must fit them into every bit of your foot, calf, leg, and tummy—hands and lower body working together. You must wiggle and wriggle just-so every time, or they won’t fit right and they will feel weird. Every facet of Gluttony recovery has its own part in the dance of my life. God creates the choreography, I dance the steps He designed, and correct steps (when danced correctly) creates the recovery.


Spiritual: In order to fight Gluttony, I must submit to God and resist the devil. So, I first got closer to God through Praying in Tongues (not a popular subject). This is a great gift because the Spirit prays for me; therefore, I cannot “do it wrong.” Of course, I also read the Bible, read and create devotionals, and pray.

Mental: I must renew my mind with the Word of God (the Bible). I stopped listening to all the crap on the radio—any crap. I listen to Christian music or non-verbal classical music. If we had more radio stations in Oklahoma City, I would also be listening to other non-verbal music (big band, light jazz, musak, show tunes). I listen to Christian teaching or very light-hearted junior books. I don’t listen to blood-and-guts stories nor watch those kinds of movies or television shows. I choose to leave earlier for work so I can drive slower roads rather than turnpikes and interstates. I uninstalled several phone games because the nature of the games was very stressful (example: race the clock!).

Physical: I must apply good physical information in the form of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress-less decisions. I found a way of eating that stops my body from continuously producing and releasing too much insulin—the cause of excess fat. This is a life-time way of eating, not a temporary fix, like some diets.

When I apply all these facets every day, I win little victories over Gluttony every day. One day, Gluttony will be all but gone. This is key: Gluttony can be defeated but will never be completely gone. I must pursue healthy spiritual, mental, and physical well being practices for the rest of my life.