Fast from 12-3-18 to 12-21-18?

I did not plan this fast. God asked me on the 2nd to try to fast until the 21st.

Here’s the plan: 1 tablespoon each of Apple Cider Vinegar and coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil (until I’m out), 1 men’s 50+ vitamin, and 1/2 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt. I’ll see if I need to add more later. I’ll drink black coffee, green tea or cinnamon tea whenever I feel like it.

I quit my fast in September because the chest pain got so bad. I shouldn’t have let myself get scared. There never has been anything wrong with my heart and I know I have that costochondritis. I’ve since found some old blood tests always showing great levels of potassium. It is possible that the massive carbs I was consuming were acting as a drug to mask symptoms of other disorders. I may have gallstones and am just now feeling the effects. I’m going to have to trust God with those. I won’t have my gallbladder removed.

Even if the supplements I take are going to knock me out of autophagy every morning, I will still get 23 hours of total fasting.

I did not weigh this morning because I’m going to try to wait until 12-20-18, which is my regular weigh day. Of course, I’ll weigh on the 21st as well.

If there is nothing wrong with me and I can, I will extend the fast until January 1, 2019. I really want to weigh in on New Year’s Day at less than 200 pounds. What I great belated Christmas gift for myself!

My energy level kicked up about 11:00 am today, and I’ve stayed up. I’m just terribly cold. I almost fell asleep on the drive home. It might be the best idea to take a shower and curl up with my crocheting and a TV show. And green tea.