Crabs, Ostriches, Owls, and Caterpillars

Whenever you attempt anything great for God’s Kingdom, like physical wellness, you will meet four main types of creatures: Crabs, Ostriches, Owls, and Caterpillars.

The Crab knows God needs her to change some things, but she is terrified of change because it is not comfortable. The Crab loves comfort and seeing you change makes her feel condemned for choosing comfort over God’s best for her. So she tries to discourage, ridicule, and shun you to pull you back down to her level with the other Crabs. Pray for the Crab: she needs the courage to be uncomfortable for the Kingdom’s sake.

The Ostrich believes she doesn’t need to change because she refuses to look honestly at herself. She goes through life with her head in the sand, not seeing anything great being done. She can’t take the chance at attempting greatness because it may require a sacrifice she is not willing to make. Pray for the Ostrich: she needs the courage to look honestly at herself before God.

The Owl loves her reputation for being wise. She has memorized many “facts” created by humankind and she has a place with society that she enjoys. She does not wish to change. If she sees someone applying Godly values to everyday living (being wise), she is careful to point out how this does not measure up to the facts. Pray for the Owl: she needs the courage to change her focus to God’s truth.

The Caterpillar knows that she doesn’t have all the answers, but she wants to be what God needs her to be. She is humble before God and others. If she sees you achieving a goal, she is happy for you. She may ask you how you are able to do it and may further seek God’s help to see what He needs her to do. Pray for the Caterpillar: she needs courage to love all the Crabs, Ostriches, and Owls she will meet on her way to becoming one of God’s Butterflies.