I wish I could . . .

Have you ever seen or heard about someone reaching a neat goal and said, “I wish I could (lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop gambling, stop sleeping around, etc.)”? The good news is: we can! If some other human being has done it, any other one of us can do it, too. We contain the same raw material as every other human. But we must be willing to do what the Goal Reacher did to achieve the goal. This may not be exactly the same steps I need to follow, but chances are very good that the first two steps are exactly the same: 1) realized there is a problem and 2) believed there was a way to fix it.

If the person was smart, he or she did a lot of research and then began trial-and-error procedures to find what worked best in his or her case.

If the person was wise, he or she asked God how to accomplish this goal, at least for the beginning step, as well as for His continued guidance with all the remaining steps.

I have lost 30 pounds and several people have said, “I wish I could lose some weight.” Okay, so he or she has realized there is a problem and believes that I may have found a way to fix it. Still, I can’t stress this enough: wishing had nothing to do with it!

It was difficult! It involved a lot of “No!” saying. And “No!” didn’t always come out with a “thank you” attached. Sometimes, it was more like, “Hell, no! Get thee behind me, satan!” It required staying away from meetings and other group functions I would rather have attended. It required drinking water or engaging in some distracting activity until the temptations were over. It required ignoring the oohs and aahs of the people very close to me who decided they needed to eat something unhealthy yet again. It required gritting my teeth and keeping silent when others tried to tell me not to be too hard on myself. It required a total commitment to honesty!

So, I can reach my God-inspired goals, including my personal weight-loss goal, which is far more than 30 pounds. However, since God inspired my goals, I must allow Him to direct me in their achievement. No wishing is involved: believing and doing are what is necessary. And it will never be easy to be a Godly person in this ungodly world.