Fast of November, 2018

11-14-18: So, I began a fast last night. I ate at 5:00 pm and won't eat again for a while. I will monitor my fasting blood glucose and try to hold off eating until it has been less than 100 for a while. However, I will eat again by Saturday, 11-24-18, because I want to break the fast with bone broth before we celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday. (My husband's family seems to be allergic to celebrating anything--birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July--on the actual day. There's always a "good" reason the holiday just can't happen on that day.)

I had a blazing headache this morning which died in the middle of a cup of coffee. Good coffee, mommy's good coffee. I also had a multivitamin, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, and one teaspoon of cod liver oil. Dr. Eric Berg encourages ACV even on a fast and he also advocates cod liver oil (unprocessed) in our diets. No, I'm not rich enough to buy the best of the best of any food, but I do use Bragg's ACV. The cod liver oil is just a name brand with lemon flavor that the dogs hate (so I get to finish it off). Some people may say it's not really a fast if I'm drinking coffee and taking supplements, to which I say, "Bite me. Let's see if you can fast longer than three hours."

It's 7:40 am and my hunger from this morning is gone. My ketones only measured "small" this morning, but I have been on -20 carbs daily for a while, plus my protein has rarely exceeded 60 grams daily. 

The thing I love about fasting is the "free" way I feel: no heaviness at all to my body, no decisions to make about eating, and no stress about what to eat or what if I go over on macros.  Plus, the knowledge that I'm doing the best that I can do for my body is so satisfying. A huge Peace descends on me during fasting and it covers me with contentment.

I just calculated how long I could actually fast, theoretically. I have 90 extra pounds, presumably all fat. Calories in a pound of fat is 3500 and 90x3500=315,000.  Total calories on my body divided by 2000 calories a day needed to maintain weight is: 315000/2000=157.5 days. I could possibly fast for 157.5 days on the fat (energy) I am currently carrying around. This is 22 weeks or about 5 months. Cool! No money spent. Fasting is so economical.

I should note that I still have that weird pain on the right side of my back which also includes a spot that itches, but the skin is numb so the itch is never scratched. It’s weird and I don’t know if it’s my liver or gall bladder or what. It may be that I sprained a muscle when I crocheted “yarn” made from my husband’s old t-shirts. We’ll see if it goes away with diet since it is probably due to some internal complication of eating like a pig for 45 years.

11-20-18: Well, I couldn’t keep up that fast because the pain in my back and ribs was so bad. I was terrified that my potassium level was causing problems with my heart.

However, I have been fasting since 11-19-18 9:30 am. I will attempt to fast until 11-21-18 9:30 am so that I can get in a 48-hour fast before Thanksgiving. I’m not eating anything off keto on that day and will try to keep my protein consumption in control. We’re not having family Thanksgiving until on the weekend.

Today was the monthaversary of my birthday. For one month, I have been on keto. Not eating over 20 carb grams a day. No refined sugar or grains, no starches at all. My goal is under 60 grams protein daily, and I only went over a couple of times. I lost 15.4 pounds, 2 inches from my waist, and my fasting blood glucose dropped from 277 to 118! Praise God! I’m craving sugar so badly right now, but I feel so physically well—better than I have in years. I’m so excited to see more progress.