X amount of damage needs X amount of repair

I am so disappointed that I stopped my 36-hour fast 2.5 hours early this morning. It was 3:15 am and I could not go back to sleep because my right shoulder has been weird and hurting since my week-long fast in September. (Extreme pains in my breast bone stopped that one on the morning of the 8th day.)

I don't like having pain at all.  I believe that my joint, bone, nerve and muscle pains are because my body is taking advantage of my fasting to make much-needed repairs through autophagy.  It doesn't seem like everyone has to go through this.  Unfair!  Also, this will slow my progress of completing my wellness plan this year because I cannot handle the pain.  Frustrating!

God showed me that a much younger person's healing and my healing cannot be compared.  We have done different types and extremes of damage to our bodies and my body is Not Young. If I have done x amount of damage to my body, I will need x amount of repair.

Let’s compare the Oklahoma City bombing with the London Blitz during WWII.  Oklahoma City was only 100 years old; most buildings were in very good shape, and there was one (or two) bomb(s).  London is hundreds of years old, some buildings were already in poor repair and they received many bombs (30,000 tons of bombs)--76 nights of bombing.  It took a lot of money and many months to repair London and not all of the buildings were reparable.  

In this case, of course, I am London!  I have an older body that has suffered years of damage; it's not going to take only a couple of days to repair. (This was my damaging work, not the work of an enemy, but I was pushed into damaging myself by an enemy: the devil.)  And, I'm sure London's repair was financially and emotionally painful.  But she and I are worth repairing!  

(Maybe I'll find some Churchill quotes to boost my spirit!)

This is one reason God encouraged me to give myself a year.  I need to slow down and breathe; it's only been four days.