Pulling Out All The Stops!


This is the day before my year-long final attempt to become healthy. Yes, it is final. I am tired of being 1/2 slave to cruel self-starving self-hatred and 1/2 slave to completely unbridled eating. If I fail to be healthy or become so unhappy that I am mentally unhealthy, I will simply live my life to the best of my ability from October 20, 2019 onward. I will not even attempt to avoid unhealthy food, binge-eating or overeating anymore. I will visit the doctor and take whatever drugs he/she feel that I need to use to control my internal processes because of the damage I’m doing to my body. I will not resist “stupid” things that other people eat anymore. I will give away all my “skinny” clothes and buy all fat clothes, trying to look the best I can in them.

My goals are: 1) reversing diabetes with A1C as proof, 2) obtaining the perfect body weight for me, and 3) having a waistline which measures 31 inches or less.

Here are the stipulations of the Pulling Out All The Stops! year:

Eat as few carbs as humanly possible, always less than 20 daily.

Eat no item which stimulates insulin release, including artificial sweeteners, and no eating between meals.

Protein limit of 60 grams daily.

If not physically ill, get at least three 20-minute exercise sessions weekly.

Abstain from food for 36 hours every month (from the 19th at 5 pm to the 21st at 5 am).

Stay in ketosis.

Set the goal of a 31” waist (1/2 my height in inches).

No cheat foods at all (sugar, starches, grains).

No "race the clock" type of computer or phone game.

Reduced scary situations (less high-speed traffic, less exploring country roads).

Reduced all-you-can-eat situations.

Track blood sugar amounts after six weeks.

Reduced watching of threatening or scary films.

Reduced listening to secular music.

I will do my best for the whole 59th year of my life. If I fall “off the wagon”, I will get back on—all year.

My main influencing mentors will be Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Eric Berg. I plan to absorb the book “The Diabetes Code” by Dr. Fung.

Pray for me if you are so inclined. Love, Bunny