God and His Word

I rely on God and His Spirit in me every day, every hour.  I don't always remember to pray, and I don't always do everything correctly, but I always know that God is with me.  The Holy Bible, His word, contains food for my spirit and I cannot "eat" too much! 

Bible Gateway is an excellent website to help us access God's word.  Another excellent resource is the "Bible" app developed by Life Church.

Jim Gruntmeir

Excellent man, my husband, and my best friend.  He is always ready to offer encouragement.

Dr. Eric Berg

Awesome nutrition expert. Inspiring author and speaker, Liz helped me to love myself as I am.  My favorite work of hers is "One Fun Day."  I also really enjoy "Bad Girls of the Bible."

Keith Moore

Keith is my favorite spiritual teacher.  He was trained and taught at Rhema Bible Training College and is the founder of Moore Life Ministries.  Keith gives clear illustrations and teaches with the greatest respect for God's Word.  One of my favorite series of his is "How to Reach Your Physical Goals." 

Dr. Jason Fung

A nephrologist

Geneen Roth

Geneen is an author and speaker who is a pioneer in the understanding of how our mindsets affect our eating behaviors.  With gentle patience, she allows me to review my thoughts and helps me remember to be kind to myself.  I have been positively influenced by her awesome audio book, "When Food is Food and Love is Love."